Excelente producción con una de las mejores marcas del país!!!! Uomo Venetto... 
Fotos: Gabriel Gonzalez
Post: Etra Foto
Director creativo: Xavier Dávalos
Asistente de foto: David Valarezo Roca
Asistente de Producción: David Vaca
Dirección de Arte: Guillermo Gonsalo Gomez Garcia - EVP
Produccion: Gaby Perez
Maquillaje: Toty Jara
Estilismo: Mayra Davalos 
Modelos:  Vicky Turusha -  Christopher A. Gstrein B - Miguel Angel Alvarez Aristizabal - Pía Chiriboga
Uomo Venetto: An apple a day keeps the doctor away - Una banana al día pura energía. There are many connections to be made between the worlds of fashion and food. Cheap clothing without ethical practices and cheap food without nutrition value, all come at an environmental, health and social cost. The rise of the Slow Food movement has made many more people aware of what they eat and where it comes from. Now, we are doing the same with fashion
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